About Me

Striking a Pose for the Armory

Dawgdaze spends a few nights a week as a progression raider. He is privileged to team up with 9 other guildmates in Unforgiven to subjugate raid bosses, take pictures, and claim their spoils. For the rest of the time in game, he happily waits in the LFM queue, completes quests, or farms achievements.

  • He prefers to run instances with guildmates or friends, but spends ample time in PuGs.
  • He's an achievement junky, spending hours completing random requirements like hugging critters and then shooting them or jumping off cliffs to almost survive. 
  • He loves questing (having earned both the Seeker and the Loremaster titles). 
  • While he doesn't spend much time in the AH directly, he does have baby banker alt that gladly takes advantage of selling raw materials and crafted items.   
What about the human behind the hunter?
I'm a Gen X gamer approaching 40 years old trying to balance a family, a career, and an addiction to gaming. I grew up rolling 20-sided dice and imagining my Wizard blowing crap up while playing D&D (the Basic Edition with the red cover!) with friends. That evolved into Zork and other text adventure games, but I didn't jump into my first MMORPG until Everquest. I finally checked out WoW with the release of the Burning Crusade expansion and have been in Azeroth and Outland ever since.