11 May 2011


Patch 4.1 seems to have some goodies that continue to give long after the frenzy to explore the 5m heroic Zuls.  I totally missed (looks like it was added on May 2nd notes) where the quest line to get exalted with Winterspring (as Alliance, obviously) was changed. Gone are the days when you roam around the zone slaughtering bears, chimeras and owls for hours on end...

For me, this is a good thing.

While it wasn't difficult to get exalted before, it was pretty mind-numbingly boring to do so. Now, it's a daily quest that you do with your future mount that will get you the reputation and the ability to actually ride a purple tiger. For pure bonus points, grab the Winterspring Cub companion pet from Michelle De Rum in Everlook. Hunters? Even more bonus: tame a Frostsaber Pride Watcher.

It simply makes me giggle to run around as a wolf-man with a stable of cats.

How do you accomplish this?
1) Get yourself to Winterspring (take the portal to Mount Hyjal and fly North!)
2) Locate Rivern Frostwind at the far north end on top of Frostsaber Rock
3) Grab Get Them While They're Young.
4) Run around and collect critter-like cubs (think cooking crabs from Stormwind daily)
5) Turn in and get They Grow Up So Fast
6) Settle in for 20 days.

When you're on They Grow Up So Fast, you'll receive a Winterspring Cub. Once you summon it (in Winterspring!), that cub (the quest one, not the one you bought from Michelle) gives you a daily quest with rewards you with both reputation and a whisker (part of the requirement for They Grow Up So Fast).

Why is this cool?  Well, so far, it's not boring. The old way -- I'd rather watch paint dry.  This way, I just need to pop in for a nice easy daily.  For fun, your cub grows with you as you quest.

16 more days to go until I can sport my very own Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber!

09 May 2011

I've been Bitten!

Last week (before Frostheim posted his review of racials on WoW Insider), Peashooter was transformed from a Dwarf to a Worgen.

I could get all creative and sappy and paraphrase An American Werewolf in London, but I'll just stay out of character for a second and admit to forking over the $25 to Blizzard for the race change.


First, weapon choices. Don't get me wrong, I love guns. However, I get the sense in Wrath as well as in Cata, Blizz rolls more with Bows and Crossbows (the only i359 is Crossfire Carbine optimized for tanks!). As a Dwarf, I got a boost with Gun Specialization -- but only for guns.  As a Worgen, I get that same boost regardless of the ranged weapon via Viciousness, which opens up a wider range of possibilities on my weapon choices (especially when Valiona drops the Dragonheart Piercer!)

Second, Darkflight is addicting! I knew I'd love it, but little did I realize how often I would use it. It's simply amazing for getting out of deadzones or flames.

Finally, Flayer reduces my skinning time. Yay! Now I can still farm up leathers without slowing down my groups!

The last thing to address, however, was my name.  "Peashooter" was great for a Dwarf, but didn't seem to fit on a Worgen. I liked the pun of little shooter for a little hunter... and it wasn't right on a big wolfish human. With my new form, I'm rolling with a new name...  Say hello to Dawgdaze.