09 May 2011

I've been Bitten!

Last week (before Frostheim posted his review of racials on WoW Insider), Peashooter was transformed from a Dwarf to a Worgen.

I could get all creative and sappy and paraphrase An American Werewolf in London, but I'll just stay out of character for a second and admit to forking over the $25 to Blizzard for the race change.


First, weapon choices. Don't get me wrong, I love guns. However, I get the sense in Wrath as well as in Cata, Blizz rolls more with Bows and Crossbows (the only i359 is Crossfire Carbine optimized for tanks!). As a Dwarf, I got a boost with Gun Specialization -- but only for guns.  As a Worgen, I get that same boost regardless of the ranged weapon via Viciousness, which opens up a wider range of possibilities on my weapon choices (especially when Valiona drops the Dragonheart Piercer!)

Second, Darkflight is addicting! I knew I'd love it, but little did I realize how often I would use it. It's simply amazing for getting out of deadzones or flames.

Finally, Flayer reduces my skinning time. Yay! Now I can still farm up leathers without slowing down my groups!

The last thing to address, however, was my name.  "Peashooter" was great for a Dwarf, but didn't seem to fit on a Worgen. I liked the pun of little shooter for a little hunter... and it wasn't right on a big wolfish human. With my new form, I'm rolling with a new name...  Say hello to Dawgdaze.