04 March 2011

Character Personalities Are Unique

Whether I'm posting to the blog or playing in the game, Peashooter has developed a bit of his own personality. I actually become Peashooter. I don't go all the way into "RP-mode" with him, yet I do find my behavior is different while I'm playing Pea compared to my alts.

Do you find that your toon's personality changes by the character played?

For example, when Peashooter agrees with something, he never says "Yes". He says "Aye". My priest will say "OK". My death knight? A more vernacular "Yeah". Just among these three characters, the way they respond in party chat or raid chat gives a clue on the minute variations as I play them.

The Hunter
Peashooter, as  a DPS class, can be a bit more free spirited. I'm certainly not suggesting that DPS don't need to contribute to a party or raid, because obviously they do: they bring the death to the targets. However, the level of pressure on a DPS pales compared to the pressure on the tank and healer.

Outside of instances, Pea roams around the world questing, searching for unique pets (combat and non-combat) or seeking achievements. He's a wanderer and an adventurer.

The Death Knight
My death knight (Artie) was a tank in Wrath. He's actually nothing in Cataclysm because I haven't figured out the class mechanics that changed with 4.0. He's stuck in Mount Hyjal waiting for me to get off my arse and LTP him.  But, during Wrath heroics for example, the Death Knight would lay down the tactics, ask for objections, and then proceed. No banter, no joking, just action. I suspect the tank role vs the DPS role has something to do with this -- the tank is more in the spotlight.

With respect to questing and other game activities, I find that I've used the Death Knight only to clear Stratholme over and over again to get a real mount for a DK -- Baron Rivendare's pony. That still hasn't happened, but other than that fixation, Artie pretty much stuck to instance runs. He was the guy I went to for instances, mainly because it was insta-queue instead of 15 minutes in Wrath (now 45 with Cata).

The Priest
My healer is similar, but his raid or party chat is minimal. "Ready!" is the most common thing he says in party. Again, healer is only level 82 and not up to Cata heroics yet, so not sure if he'll become more chatty in the new content or not. But basically all he did was show up and heal. Not a chatty guy, my Enfermero.

Outside of instances, Enfermero toyed with questing, but he mostly leveled holy/disc by running instances. He's not much of an explorer or achievement farmer. Pretty much just an instance / raid healer.

Why the Differences?
My opinion is that the way I play my characters is rooted somewhat in their role mechanics as well as their class.  I also blame the cinematic for the Burning Crusade with that Dwarf roaming around Dun Morogh with his polar bear pet. Pea is a roamer, too.  Nothing stops me from also exploring on alts, but with Pea being the "main", I'd rather experience it first on him. Plus, it just feels right with Pea, and not so much on the others.
The really funny (in an odd context, not a humorous context) thing is -- I'm not actively trying to distinguish their personalities. It just kind of happens on it's own. Each character's personality evolved on it's own. And I, seemingly unconsciously, adjust to each character's personality with how I play that character.

How about you? Do you find you play alts different from your main? Is it a role mechanic (DPS vs Tank vs Healer) or is it a racial (Human / Dwarf / Gnome etc)?