10 February 2011

ZOMG! Aimed Shot Rocks

Tidal Surge is pure awesomesauce
These are my Recount numbers for Ozumat in last night's Heroic Throne of Tides. These are ZOMG-buffed by Neptulon's Tidal Surge (2,000 percent boost to DPS) buff, but I love this report because it illustrates how how hard Aimed Shot now hits for compared to other abilities. Six shots account for one-fifth of the total damage done. Just six! Admittedly, the size of the numbers are just plain cool, but what they show is the proportion of damage done by shot type.

I fine tuned my marksman spec based on the recommendations of FemaleDwarf.com and jumped by about 2k DPS in non-godly buffed heroics, so a hearty thanks to Zeherah for maintaining that bit of web awesomeness! Loronar at 35 Yards Out has an awesome write up on Aimed Shot that you should check out -- his analysis is far superior to mine.

I have some work to do, because these numbers can and should be better. I plan to spend some time camping the dummies messing with reforging (perhaps Mastery is a bit better with some extra Wild Quiver procs?) and practicing the priority list to get more comfortable with my dusted-off MM suit.

It begs the question of what that chart would look like if I was more comfortable with the new priorities?