21 January 2011

The Best Title Ever

I realize that most players have clearing Cataclysm raid content in their scope sights right now. My personal raid team is still getting some last few gear drops from heroics, and if we can pull a team together this weekend we'll give Blackwing Descent  a go.  Don't judge!  Like me, most of my raid team hase limited play time.  When I can log in and the guild tanks or friend tanks are already in a dungeon, the DPS queues average about an hour for a heroic. On those nights, my entire evening can consist of running some dailies and waiting for a single PuG heroic (which falls apart on the first wipe 66% of the time anyways), but that's a different post.

Back to the topic of titles.  While I'm on hold in the LFM queue, I'm using my time to run my dailies and work on achievements that spark my interest.  I recently earned Therazane, but at the same time I was pleasantly surprised to also see 35 Exalted Reputations pop up. Thirty five? Yikes!

The Goal
The next reputation milestone is 40 Exalted Reputations.  Seriously?!? A title? ... the Exalted! You mean to tell me I can run around Stormwind doing Feeling Crabby as "Peashooter the Exalted"? Oh, I gotta get me some of this!

The Plan
I need a plan of attack. What factions can I knock out quickly?
First? Spend about 350g on the AH (Dark Iron OreCore Leather, Fiery Core and Lava Core, head to Blackrock Depths, hit the bar and bam! I'm exalted with my dark iron brethren of the Thorium Brotherhood.

At this moment, I'm sitting at 36/40.

Next?  Well...I'm still working on "Next".  I'm eyeing the normal progression with the Cataclysm factions that I still have to go (I'm revered), including: Baradin's Wardens, Ramkahen, The Earthen Ring and Wildhammer Clan.  I'm running my dailies in Tol Barad (and in the peninsula if we can actually hold the friggin' towers) for the Wardens, Twilight Highlands for the Wildhammer, and Uldum for the Ramkahens as well as sporting my Tabard of Ramkahen for any rep I can squeeze from heroics and/or regular random runs. The druids of the Ring are gonna have to wait until I can ride a camel.

I'm also sporadically wrapping up my Outland rep with Netherwing and the ogres of Ogri'la. These aren't challenging, but I'm finding them very tedious.

Looking ahead, if I can get all of these, that will put me at 42/45 for 45 Exalted Reputations. Gonna need some raid help for the remaining three!

When I finally get this one in the bag (and assuming that nagging feeling that this was nerfed with Cataclysm to be the reward from 45 is just not true), I plan on sporting my Tuxedo Jacket and dancing on the steps of the Stormwind bank in celebration!