20 January 2011

Hello World!

Introducing.... Me!  I'm Peashooter, a dwarf hunter on the Borean Tundra server. Yeah, yeah, I can hear the groans. "Another hunter blog? Really?"

Yep! Don't make me switch to PVP and slap a Hunter's Mark on you!

Anyway, I've been playing World of Warcraft since just after the Burning Crusade expansion was released. My in-game interests include questing, running instances (at level or older content), raiding, farming reputations, and completing random achievements within the game.

I am guilty of sinking time into the Auction House to a minor extent (just to see what I can do).  My stable of alternate characters helps feed this particular aspect of the game, but they also allow me to lose myself in a different character from time to time.

Outside WoW, I have a family and a career. Working 10-12 hours and spending time with my family, gaming is my third priority. I just don't have endless hours to devote to hard-core gaming, so I proudly wear the often maligned "Casual" title. 

So that's a bit about me. From that, you can get a sense of what this blog will be about. I plan to share about my game experiences, but be forewarned:  I'm mainly doing this to express myself, not write for an actual audience. If any actual people join in on the ride, then that's just gravy!