25 January 2011

Hunting Elders

Well my grand plans for redeeming myself never got off the ground. Hotel wireless speed is sadly lacking, and my latency of up in the 2,500 range pretty much meant I'd be dead weight in any kind of heroic, so I passed on joining guild mates in random heroics.  Instead, I'll be farming achievements this week until I can track down some real internet bandwidth.
Lucky for me, Lunar Festival is back!
This is my third time through the Elders. Since I'm edging closer all the time to an Elder title in real life (I remember when remote controls had cords, and before that the remote control was the kid closest to the TV set who got to get up and twist the knobs to the next station!), I may as well finally complete the To Honor One's Elders achievement.
I was parked in Stormwind, so after scrabbling for apples and fishing up a swallowed locket, out I headed on my flying mount. First, OMG flying makes doing the elders so much easier. I tried one or two before on the ground mount, and promptly said no friggin' way. Goldshire, Sentinel Hill, Zul'Gurub, Booty Bay, Blasted Lands, Searing Gorge...  wait a sec!  Where the heck is Rumblerock in Searing Gorge?

Phasing Strikes Back

Bugger!  He was phased and I wasn't in the right dimension to find his little buns. Well, I'm all dressed up, so I may as well knock out some quests!  If you haven't done so, you will need to complete the quests with John J. Keeshan at the western camp.  Eventually, as you start giving gifts to Ogres while wearing your Halloween costume, you'll see the Elder pop on the side of Dreadmaul Rock.
By that point, I only needed two more quests for Burning Steppes Quests, so I went ahead and knocked those out and enjoyed the subsequent achievement splash!
Next, while I was in Burning Steppes, why not knock out the dungeon elders for Blackrock Depths and Blackrock Spire criteria of Elders of the Dungeons.
Am I done?  Nope! Not really all that close.  Still have to knock out the northern half of the Eastern Kingdoms, all of Kalimdor, most of the dungeons, and the Alliance capitals. Ugh, I've got some travelling to do!  But, I'll be on spotty wifi all week, so I guess I should pace myself.
Anyways, hope your week in WoW is off to a more exciting start than mine!